Hope for our future

We in America are about to see another round of new college graduates in May.  Now in some ways that is a troublesome thing, because many of these graduates will be coming from schools with a decidedly liberal leaning faculty and curriculum. Some schools less so, but very few from decidedly conservative institutions of higher learning . This means that many of the graduates will have been greatly influenced with a progressive political slant, while some will be less liberal but not truly conservative.

The hope for our future, as America, is those few graduates like my two sons-in-law that are part of this year’s group.  Though they come from dramatically different backgrounds and family histories they do share a common attribute.  They think for themselves!  While one was probably always a conservative, the other came from a decidedly liberal background. It wasn’t until he came into our family and realized that the values we held in our daily lives were what he had wanted in his own life. Then he figured out that he was probably a conservative at heart.

We as a family are truly proud of both these young men for the effort and perseverance that they have shown in pursuing their individual degrees, but I want them to know how honored I am that they are free thinking proud conservative college graduates.  They represent the best our American way of life has to offer. Reward for effort, the ability to resist progressive academic influence and most of all, self-determination.

I am truly proud of you and feel blessed to have you as a part of our family.

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