Pride and Inspiration

If you have been following my page you know that I have not been inspired to write anything for a while.  That is because the media has been so fixated on “Trump Hate” that it just seemed futile to write on the subject of politics and other national interest subjects.

But now that I have seen the response to the tragedy in South Texas it has given me the inspiration to express my thoughts again.

I am so extremely proud of the “American Spirit” in the outpouring of support; humanitarian, spiritual and financial, from around the country.  We are Texans and expect our fellow Texans to step up and support each other, but the compassion and support from all over the country has been truly inspiring to me.  I was afraid we, as a nation, had lost that sense of caring, that we as a country had devolved so much into politics and racial divide that we might not care for our fellow human beings.

Thankfully I was mistaken, the true American Spirit is alive and active.  We may still have our differences, but above it all, we still care about our neighbors and communities more than our differences. Thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people, have come to the aid of the people of South Texas. Some physically, they have brought boats and large vehicles to rescue those in need. Some financially, they may be too far from the area to help directly, but through their contributions they have allowed supplies and food and fresh water to be made available.  Some through something as simple, but yet profound, as prayer.  Many dismiss the power of prayer, I can tell you from personal experience that fervent heartfelt prayer is far more powerful than many people may realize.

I am just an “Average Red Blooded American Citizen”, but am so proud of my fellow Average American Citizens because once again they have proven that despite all else we are “Americans” first and foremost.  We can do anything when we set aside our differences and focus on those things that matter most. Life, Liberty, Freedom and “community”.

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