Creation (Intelligent Design) vs Evolution

Let’s begin the discussion with the fact that in order for there to be Creation (Intelligent Design), there must be a Creator (the Greater Intelligence).  Which means we as humans must acknowledge that there is an intellect out there grater than our own, meaning God. This requires faith, a belief in something greater than ourselves, as a basis on which we can accept things we don’t fully understand as being put in place by God.

Now the opposing viewpoint believes that Evolution (natural progression) is the driving force behind all things that exist today. They fully and unequivocally believe that some catastrophic event (the Big Bang) happened billions of years ago, then out of some primordial pool all things developed and that somehow set in motion events that lead us to where we stand now.  Everything began with some single cell organism that has over time become ALL of the complex organisms (everything from amoebas to humans) of our current environment (not to mention all the creatures that have become extinct and possibly millions that we don’t even know about). Think about the mathematical complication, not to mention the exponential evolutions that had to take place. First there had to be the “Original” organism, then that thing had to evolve into “what” (a two celled organism), then into some sort of multi-celled (four or more celled) thing? Then at some point the cells have to “learn” to become specialized, and on and on and on and on…..

They have to become what types of cells next? Let’s prioritize: first, blood or maybe a precursor such as amino acid? What has to develop first to support life?  How does a such a basic organism know, or decide, what to make next?  At what point MUST intelligence be introduced? Where does the intelligence come from if there has been no brain formation? If there has been brain formation how did that happen without intelligence? According to the evolution theory, living organisms adapt to their surroundings, or evolve to meet the demands of their environment.

Talk about faith, they must have some sort of faith far surpassing Christianity to believe that all these things can fall into place randomly and everything still works. Now some scientists will say that it was not random, but rather sequential.  If there was no intelligence behind it, doesn’t that make it, by default, random? Once again where would the sequential process begin? At what point in the sequence would we be able to recognize some sort of life form approaching anything near something as complex as even a worm? Even then how does the worm decide to become something else? A tadpole maybe? Do you see the circular logic here? And even that requires intelligence.

Let me pose a few questions.  If a bird needs to eat and this bird has developed a taste for the nectar of a specific flower, does the flower then say to itself , “I must produce a longer bloom to protect my nectar from the invading bird?” and then the bird says to itself, “I must grow a longer beak and tongue to reach the nectar!” and so the progression goes on and on until the bird cannot grow a beak long enough.  Well then the bird says to itself: “I must create a tube that runs from the roof of my beak over the top of my skull, behind my head, under the bottom of my skull and into the back of my beak, so I can accommodate the new tongue that I must now grow to reach my nectar! Don’t you think the bird might have starved to death before the evolutionary process was complete, or did the bird develop the new tongue and passageway for it overnight?

The first thing that comes to mind is: Where did the flower and bird get the intelligence to decide these things? The answer is: They have no intelligence as we understand it.  They did not “decide” theses things, they were “designed” to work together.

There are literally thousands of instances in nature where plants and animals benefit from each other because ALL things were designed to work together.  Now sometimes we do not fully understand the “why” of how things work, but it is inevitably true.

Now let me be clear! I do believe there is such a thing as evolution. Even humans have “evolved” during our documented history.  If memory serves me correctly, I think the average Roman soldier was between 5′ 4″ to 5′ 6″ tall.  The “average” Italian male is currently around 5′ 9″ while the average male in many parts of the world is around 6′ 1″ tall.  So there are changes (evolution) within species, such as humans. I expect there is also some devolution, where species regress due to long term localized conditions.

The basic truth is that even if evolution did take place over centuries, there still HAD to be some degree of intelligent design early in the process or the system as we know it today would have collapsed at some point.




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