America’s Role in the World

We as Americans have to decide what we truly stand for, before our role on the world stage can be determined.  We are not, should not and cannot be the world police! 

That being said, we MUST stand for freedom amongst the world population. Now “our” version of freedom may not be applicable throughout the globe, but there are basic freedoms that should be universal.  Such as the right to life, which was extinguished in the recent Syrian chemical attack.  The people in the Syrian village had no defense against such an attack.  As a matter of fact, the average American community would not be prepared for such an event!

So America HAS to stand against such despicable acts against humanity. Whether you agree with their religious beliefs or not, the inhuman act of killing innocent civilians, especially children who have no direct connection to a group except by birth, cannot be ignored.

I am NOT advocating long term involvement in the cultural or military positions of the region.  That has proven unsuccessful,  literally  for centuries. Only the people of that region and culture can ultimately resolve those differences. All we (the US) can and should do is uphold accepted international moral standards. As the only current “super power” in the world we MUST stand for and protect basic the human rights we claim to cherish. 

Strength Returned

Thank God we once again have a president in office that will show some resolve.  The chemical weapon attack in Syria was an act that could not be allowed to happen without a response. The previous administration set the “Red Line” that the use of such weaponry would not be tolerated, but then did nothing.  Thankfully our current president did not allow this action to pass without consequences.  He simply made good on the policy position espoused by his predecessor and made clear that under this administration it was a real stance, not just rhetoric.

Striking the airbase where the chemical attack was launched from was, in my view and I believe in the view of most Americans, the absolute right thing to do in response to Assad’s action.  The attack on his own people could only be seen as a provocation toward the new administration to see if President Trump had the strength of will to react to such a barbaric attack.

Through this action, President Trump showed the world that the United States is no longer a weak willed nation. We now have a true leader who has the strength of will to stand up for freedom and protection of those who have no defense against weapons of mass destruction. Oppressive regimes should take note that there is a new mindset in our land that barbarism and excessive oppression will not be tolerated.

Today’s Culture

I spent four hours yesterday in a training course related to “Customer Service”.  It was a worthwhile exercise in human relations because we all need to acknowledge that people have differing opinions.  However I found the discussion intriguing in the fact that the average person does not understand how corporations make decisions.  The employees view companies as greedy, but they are demanding more money (higher pay) from the company.  Is that not the same “greed”  factor at play.  We are all in it for “Me”, companies and individuals alike.  Interestingly that was the name of our workshop, “What’s in it for Me”.

Now I am not against people or companies making as much money as reasonably possible (key word being reasonably).  But the two do not need to be mutually exclusive.  I sometimes feel that corporate America has been drawn in by “valuing” their companies by the monetary position of the organization.  The higher the earnings, the higher the “value”.  Maybe the value of companies should be judged by the number of individuals they benefit (customers, employees and families, vendors,etc.).  There has to be a balance between profitably and making sure the employees can make a living.

While I am against excessive minimum wage laws, like $15.00 currently being discussed, I do believe that jobs requiring a relatively high level of responsibility should command wages commensurate with the responsibility.

Washington Stupidity

I have been watching the utter stupidity in the congressional body, both houses, and find it inconceivable how the Republicans can keep fouling up their position.

They have had seven years to get their act together.  At the very least they have had since November 2016 to work out their differences on the health care situation.  Why have they “chosen” to battle publicly over the issue instead of getting together as a group and put together a plan that everyone can get behind.   I realize there are factions within ANY group, but they should have worked out the major issues in a joint meeting and put those into legislation before going public with a plan.  As it stands they have offered up a gift to liberals by showing division instead of unity.


How can we, the American populous fix this?  By getting involved through communicating with your representative.  Tell them via phone, e-mail, social media, personal visit the their office, whatever means available.  They are driven by feedback, if it is large enough.



My wife and I like to cook, so from time to time I will post a recipe that we like.  It may be one we created or one we like from one of the more than 50 cookbooks we own. Just like many of you we also find many online and try them as well.  Often we take a recipe that we have tried and tweak it slightly to suit our individual taste. We (I) tend to like spicy food, so often tweaks include increasing the quantity or intensity of the existing spice(s), or adding additional spice to bland foods.



First blog post



This is my first post on this blog about The Average Red Blooded American Citizen. I am a social and fiscal conservative, so most topics will be of that mindset. I truly believe most people in this country hold the basic values this country was founded on as the groundwork of our national identity. Therefore if viewed from the perspective of our foundational concepts, we should be able to find more things we agree upon than those we differ on and build from there.