US Withdraws from Paris climate accord. So?

Last week President Trump announced that the United States would withdraw from the Paris climate accords, which former President Obama had signed on to. First of all it will take several years for us to get out (estimates are around the year 2020) and secondly according to former Secretary of State Kerry, there were no “Mandates” in the agreement to start with, all stated goals were “voluntary”.

So, the United States departure from “voluntary” participation should not be a big deal. Supposedly Syria and Venezuela are the only two other countries that did not sign on. I would think that Syria, a country in the midst of civil war, would not be concerned with climate change. Venezuela did not sign on supposedly, “because the proposed measures do not go far enough”. Considering a huge portion of Venezuela’s revenue comes from the sale of fossil fuel (Oil) I am betting they are not “really” interested in global regulatory structures that are going to prohibit growth of oil sales.

Another reason we should not be wasting time and resources on international concern over climate change is because it is not a proven fact (there are many theories) that humanity is the cause or that humans can effectively do anything to stop it. I contend that while it is a certainty that climate change exists, it is a natural and cyclical part of the function of nature. Because humans do exists as a part of nature we do have a minor localized effect on our surroundings. To think that man can do anything of significance to alter nature on such a large-scale is both arrogant and ludicrous.

Lets look back into the not so distant past. Between 1970 and 1979 there were no less than sixty-four articles that appeared in well-known publications of the time, and who knows how many hundreds in lesser known outlets. Remember back then there was not wide-spread use of the Internet and no such thing as modern “Social Media”. Information was disseminated via print. A listing of the number of articles as stated above by year; ’70 – 9, ’71 – 6, ’72 – 9, ’73 – 2, ’74 – 9, ’75 – 13, ’76 – 1, ’77 – 4, ’78 – 8 and ’79 – 3.  All of these articles were warning of the coming “Ice Age”, that’s right, in the 1970’s “Global Cooling” was the great fear. Now to be fair, even then there were some who warned of global warming.  There were calls to outlaw internal combustion engines, place rigid controls on marketing new products that might cause pollution and possible limits on pollution.  One researcher even said, “We will be forced to sacrifice democracy by the laws that will protect us from further pollution”.

In the 1980’s and 1990’s the prevalent cry became “Global Warming”, now we have “Climate Change”. It is all semantics because they don’t anymore know now that the earth is warming than they did in the ’70’s that the earth was cooling.

Lets look at today, did you know that there are several greenhouse gases? I have seen articles that say as many as twelve of them, but there are only five that are the major source of concern for the “Global Warming” crowd.  They are (listed on order of concentration of total atmosphere) water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and ozone. In addition, there is a lesser group of “pollutants” known as fluorocarbons that come into play. Now let us apply a little perspective here.  Note that I listed these gases in the order of concentration of the total atmosphere. That was on purpose, do you ever hear water vapor mentioned by the media when they discuss Global Warming? How about nitrous oxide or ozone?  I certainly don’t. Until I did just a little research on my own I never heard that these were part of the “Greenhouse” gas group.  Far and away the greenhouse gas most reported in the media is carbon dioxide. I have on rare occasions heard methane mentioned, but only in passing and most recently because they have discovered hundreds of large craters in Siberia expelling methane.

The perspective I want to bring to this is as follows: we are talking about just barely more than 3% of our total atmosphere is composed of all these greenhouse gases combined. Moreover 99.9% of the remaining 3% by volume is water vapor (a completely ignored greenhouse gas). Do you see what a small portion of our atmosphere we are really discussing?  Here is a simplistic breakdown to further illustrate the point. Our atmosphere is made up of roughly 75% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen, 3% Water vapor and 1% of all other gasses combined. Of the other four “major” greenhouse gases, they stack up as follows (again in order of concentration of the whole atmosphere): Carbon Dioxide .04%, Methane .0002%, Nitrous Oxide .00003%, and Ozone .000007%.  Also as a note of interest, Ozone is not a naturally emitted gas.  It forms in the stratosphere as the result of a chemical reaction between several other gases and the sun’s radiation energy.  You may remember several years ago the hysteria over the growing hole in the ozone layer. This is where the flurocarons come into play.

To think that this highly complex world was created by God and that we as mere humans can significantly alter it, is the height of arrogance.








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