Snowflakes or Flowerchildren

In our current political climate we have a group of people who have been dubbed “Snowflakes”.  Now I am not sure where the term originated, whether it was a “Leftist” term designed to show solidarity with the ideals of the “One World” movement or a derogatory term from the “Right” indicating the “go with the flow” mind-set of the our current “Millennial” generation. Either way they have a Utopian view of the world. “If only we could just get along with each other, love one another as human beings, then everything would be perfect!”

This reminds me of a time when I was younger and there was a movement known as “Flower Children”. It developed in the late 1950’s and through the 1960’s.  This movement was born out of the “sex, drugs and rock & roll” mentality.  They believed that if we had free love and lived in “Communes” where everyone was “equal” and loved one another, then we could develop a perfect society.  Their philosophy, much like the current “Snowflakes”, was peace and co-existence among people.  Once again the flaw in the perception of their movement was that “EVERYONE” just wants to get along. The reality could not possibly be further from the truth!

Just in case someone living under a rock missed it, there was a terrorist attack in Manchester , England!  It occurred at a concert performed by a fairly high-profile celebrity, aimed at primarily a young female audience.  The celebrity targeted was quite shaken and has suspended their concert tour for a time, rightfully so. However there is another celebrity of somewhat higher acclaim, who went to social media and posted that “we need to Unite” and come together as one world with no borders,  or something to  that effect.

What the second celebrity fails to realize or acknowledge is that “Uniting” is a two-way proposition, both parties have to be working toward a common goal. In the case of terrorism, which is what the Manchester bombing was, the terrorists are NOT working toward the same goal as this celebrity. The terrorists want to KILL everyone that does not agree with their position. They DO NOT want to negotiate  or  reason with people who do not agree with them. The celebrity wants to bring them (the terrorists) into her circle of friends and “love” them. You can “love” someone all you want and still be just as dead when they slit your throat or blow you up. Somehow those two positions do not seem to be conciliatory.

Now the representatives of the “Muslim” position, want us to believe “Islam” is a religion of peace and belonging.  Peaceful religions do not stand by and implicitly condone the be-heading of those who do not belong (non-believers). The Christian “religions”(and there are many) have long denounced the practices of the “Reformation” when they too adopted a “believe or else” attitude. Christ himself preached to the non-believers, He offered hope, not condemnation.  Now He did state that those who did not accept His offering of eternal relations with God faced a judgement, not by man but by God himself, when the end times arrive.  We do not see many Muslim leaders denouncing the barbaric acts of Al Qaeda or ISIS, (Be-headings, Burning people alive in cages, or throwing people off of roofs or cliffs for their sexuality) in the public or social media.

Neither side of this religious conflict wants the other to prevail. Muslims or Islamist’s (whatever they want to go by) do not want Christianity to survive. They stoop to violence and barbaric acts to further their cause. Christians do not think that non-believers (the lost) will ascend to heaven when Christ comes again. However they are willing to tolerate non-Christian behavior and let God pass judgement on the non-believer at the right time. Each side takes a different approach.

Muslims (or Islamist’s) fundamentalists say convert or die, we will judge you and kill you if you do not agree with us! Christians say “We have an answer, believe “with” us or risk facing eternal condemnation, not by us but rather by God himself.”

Do you see the contrast? Muslims judge in the here and now.  Christians leave the judgement up to GOD.


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