Easter Time

We, just like many Average American families, will get together to celebrate Easter.  It is a time to be with family and friends, eat, hunt Easter eggs and generally enjoy life.

Unfortunately,  just like Christmas, too often the true meaning of the holiday is not the focus.  Many forget that we are supposed to be celebrating the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.  Being thankful for the opportunity for salvation that these events offer and for the many blessings that have been bestowed upon us throughout our lives.

Once again we have allowed the commercialization of the holiday to overshadow the reason we are supposed to be celebrating.  The Easter bunny, candy, Easter baskets, fake grass and plastic eggs that you can fill any number trinkets have taken over the season and in the process consumed billions, if not trillions of dollars, over the years.

My hope is that we, as a society, get back to the true meaning of this and other “religious” holidays.  We are living in a time fraught with trouble and strife, I believe primarily because we have turned away from God’s teachings. If most of the population in our country is Christian, some 80% as some statistics indicate, would return to observing the principles of Jesus Christ some of the things ailing our land might be somewhat lessened.  Our country as a whole has turned so far away from God that I don’t believe for a moment that ALL of our troubles would cease, but maybe some would decrease.

* Footnote: This was originally written an intended to be posted on Easter Sunday, but due to some technical issues it wad delayed.  TG

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