America’s Role in the World

We as Americans have to decide what we truly stand for, before our role on the world stage can be determined.  We are not, should not and cannot be the world police! 

That being said, we MUST stand for freedom amongst the world population. Now “our” version of freedom may not be applicable throughout the globe, but there are basic freedoms that should be universal.  Such as the right to life, which was extinguished in the recent Syrian chemical attack.  The people in the Syrian village had no defense against such an attack.  As a matter of fact, the average American community would not be prepared for such an event!

So America HAS to stand against such despicable acts against humanity. Whether you agree with their religious beliefs or not, the inhuman act of killing innocent civilians, especially children who have no direct connection to a group except by birth, cannot be ignored.

I am NOT advocating long term involvement in the cultural or military positions of the region.  That has proven unsuccessful,  literally  for centuries. Only the people of that region and culture can ultimately resolve those differences. All we (the US) can and should do is uphold accepted international moral standards. As the only current “super power” in the world we MUST stand for and protect basic the human rights we claim to cherish. 

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