Strength Returned

Thank God we once again have a president in office that will show some resolve.  The chemical weapon attack in Syria was an act that could not be allowed to happen without a response. The previous administration set the “Red Line” that the use of such weaponry would not be tolerated, but then did nothing.  Thankfully our current president did not allow this action to pass without consequences.  He simply made good on the policy position espoused by his predecessor and made clear that under this administration it was a real stance, not just rhetoric.

Striking the airbase where the chemical attack was launched from was, in my view and I believe in the view of most Americans, the absolute right thing to do in response to Assad’s action.  The attack on his own people could only be seen as a provocation toward the new administration to see if President Trump had the strength of will to react to such a barbaric attack.

Through this action, President Trump showed the world that the United States is no longer a weak willed nation. We now have a true leader who has the strength of will to stand up for freedom and protection of those who have no defense against weapons of mass destruction. Oppressive regimes should take note that there is a new mindset in our land that barbarism and excessive oppression will not be tolerated.

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