Today’s Culture

I spent four hours yesterday in a training course related to “Customer Service”.  It was a worthwhile exercise in human relations because we all need to acknowledge that people have differing opinions.  However I found the discussion intriguing in the fact that the average person does not understand how corporations make decisions.  The employees view companies as greedy, but they are demanding more money (higher pay) from the company.  Is that not the same “greed”  factor at play.  We are all in it for “Me”, companies and individuals alike.  Interestingly that was the name of our workshop, “What’s in it for Me”.

Now I am not against people or companies making as much money as reasonably possible (key word being reasonably).  But the two do not need to be mutually exclusive.  I sometimes feel that corporate America has been drawn in by “valuing” their companies by the monetary position of the organization.  The higher the earnings, the higher the “value”.  Maybe the value of companies should be judged by the number of individuals they benefit (customers, employees and families, vendors,etc.).  There has to be a balance between profitably and making sure the employees can make a living.

While I am against excessive minimum wage laws, like $15.00 currently being discussed, I do believe that jobs requiring a relatively high level of responsibility should command wages commensurate with the responsibility.

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