Washington Stupidity

I have been watching the utter stupidity in the congressional body, both houses, and find it inconceivable how the Republicans can keep fouling up their position.

They have had seven years to get their act together.  At the very least they have had since November 2016 to work out their differences on the health care situation.  Why have they “chosen” to battle publicly over the issue instead of getting together as a group and put together a plan that everyone can get behind.   I realize there are factions within ANY group, but they should have worked out the major issues in a joint meeting and put those into legislation before going public with a plan.  As it stands they have offered up a gift to liberals by showing division instead of unity.


How can we, the American populous fix this?  By getting involved through communicating with your representative.  Tell them via phone, e-mail, social media, personal visit the their office, whatever means available.  They are driven by feedback, if it is large enough.


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